Profession of office manager is already widely used in all over the world. In some large and medium level enterprises there are departments of Documentary that provide competent work with the documents in accordance with the requirements of standards. This modern specialty training is available. 

  1. On the basis of secondary/full/compulsory education with the duration of 1 year.
  2. On the basis of essential compulsory education in case of being combined with high school curriculum with the duration of 3 years.

Educational process is organized with the help of documentation work in the way of teaching, giving theological knowledge about interpersonal relations, also practical training, production training and practices. 

To ensure high quality in learning, there are modern equipments at college for organizing secretarial activity and implementation classrooms equipped with information resources. 

Students pass their professional practice in secretarial departments of different organizations, where they study the experience of those structures. During the educational years parallel with the general subjects, students also study the following specialized modules: 

Communication Technologies. 
The student develops and strengthens communication skills as well as acquires self-confidence during his professional activity and in his personal life. 

Security and First Aid. 
The student creates the security rules for protection of the working place and develops abilities of implementing measures and first aid. 

General Working Skills.
To give knowledge about preconditions of gaining success during the working process as well as to develop demonstration of necessary working culture and ethics in any sphere, skills of productive communication with supervisor and colleagues, perception of working problems and giving the appropriate solutions. 

Information and Computer Technologies. 
This module aims to give the students knowledge about Microsoft Word text editor, to develop their skills for preparation of documents, edition and formation of it, as well as skills of saving documents, printing and working in internet network. 

Principles of General Economics
Completing this module the learner will know the general provisions of economics, micro and macroeconomic principles, will know the organization of industrial and technological processes, as well as the resources of the activities of the company, its technical and financial resources, the effective use of indicators, will know the forms of payment in modern conditions, the methodology of business plan preparation. 

Legislative Provisions in the Field of Profession. 
Completing this module the learner will know the Basic principles of constitutional law of RA, civil and human rights of the citizens and the mechanisms of their implementation, will be able to apply necessary legal acts, will know the legal position and interrelation of the subjects in the professional activity, the professional worker's rights and responsibilities as well as other legal acts regulating the interrelation in professional activities, will be able to defend their rights under labor legislation. 

Formation and Classification of Documents.
Module aims to give students knowledge about the role and importance in the system of document administration. As a result the student will learn how to prepare and form the main types of documents, documentation, normative and legal acts which form, the administrative command (request, order, directive) of the organization. 

The Document Circulation
Module aims to form the students’ ability of organizing document circulation, to get introduced to the incoming and outgoing documents in their registration, to have definition with the work of giving them the performer in a definite period of time, the organization of the execution control with the work of document response project. 

The Work List 
Completing this module, the student will know the types list of works, the principles of their design and forming approval processes, the principles of classification documents. The student will gain the ways of forming the titles of the works, to determine the dates of maintaining. 

Personnel Records
The module aims to give students knowledge about order and organization of staff documents, recruitment for job, transferring to another job, work release, business, labor contracts, the preparation works with documents for holidays and business books, and the processes of organization and maintenance of personal woks. 

Organizing of the Activity of the Head of the Organization. 
The aim of this module is to give the students knowledge of organizing of consultations, meetings and functions of assemblies of their organization, as well as admissions of visitors and guests, business hospitality management procedures, the formation of the working schedule of the head of the organization. 

Technical-informative realization of the activity of the head of the organization
The aim of this module is to develop the student’s skills of registration, receipt, handling, storage, copying, transmission, use of the office equipments, searching and editing information necessary to the head of the organization by working with computer, communication and other technical means. 

The purpose of the education is to prepare competitive, high-quality secretaries, with appropriate knowledge skills and abilities for labor market. 
qualification is awarded to graduates in final attestation. The graduates receive a diploma and a certification of secondary, full education. On general principles the students may continue studies in high educational institutions. The specialist of Preliminary Vocational (handicraft) Education “0605 maintaining documents, information and organizing service” with the qualification of “Office manager” can realize the following activities: 

  1. Personnel records of organization
  2. Secretary
  3. Assistant of office head and referent