A law-conscious student - a secure labor market


2019 On March 7, 2006, the "Career Student - Secure Labor Market" course was held by “Aybenaran” Career Guidance Center at Gyumri Craftsman State  school N4.
 The training was conducted by Gayane Gevorgyan, member of the RA Chamber of Advocates, human rights lawyer and lecturer.
The following topics were covered during the course:
• Terms and conditions of employment;
• Indefinite and indefinite term contracts
• Worker rights and responsibilities
• Procedure for dismissal
• Employee Guarantees.
The overall objective of the trainings is:
To equip students with the knowledge of labor rights, to develop and develop skills for the first time with the employer, to introduce the nuances of education and labor market, to raise the level of legal awareness on employee-employer relationships. Provide knowledge of hiring and dismissal.
Gayane Gevorgyan presented the training and answered all the questions.
38 students and 4 teachers (12 boys, 31 girls) participated in the seminar. 
                                                                   Levon Igityan, Head of the Career Guidance Center