Meeting within the framework of UNICEF's “UPSHIFT Armenia” program



On March 14, at the invitation of the Career Guidance Center, an informational meeting was held on UNICEF Armenia's UPSHIFT Armenia program for the development and support of teenagers' trial program at Gyumri Craftsman State School N4.
In the course of the meeting Artur Najaryan, Chairman of the Center for Youth Initiatives NGO presented to the students the purpose of the program, the stages of implementation, the order and format of project ideas presentation. The project is aimed at promoting youth initiatives and civil activism, involving them in the process of improving their community's quality of life.
In the second part of the meeting Karen Terteryan, the project manager, conducted a seminar on "Internet Security". They discussed following topics: "Information Age" or "Digital Society", "Internet (Digital Environment) Opportunities and Risks", "Digital Literacy Basics".
Through the analysis of the examples, participants were provided with basic knowledge, and online resources were provided for additional study and self-study after the course.

                                                                                Levon Igityan, Head of the Career Guidance Center